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  • Design a Smart page
  • upload all your links
  • Use your URL everywhere
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Easy Setup

It takes less than 2 minutes to design and setup your page. Add your dedicated landing-page URL anywhere you want and you’re all set.

You control

Build on your own your landing page and design it as you want thru the powerful yet simple dashboard. Oh yeah, you can also use it as a URL shortner.

Contact tool

Create smart links for your contacts and show them under 1 roof. Whatsapp, Facebook, Phone etc. Increase orders and contact quieries from social media.

Insta Secret

Only one link in your instagram Bio! naah, Set up your page, share your URL and don`t worry about changing it everytime; Just update your content in Kuiqlink

How it is done?

It`s as easy as 1 2 3 with our super powerful dashboard

01. Register your account, it`s free FOREVER

Make your page stand out (show us your design skills) and will reward you with exclusive Discounts.

02. Set up your Kuiqlink account

Create different projects as you need; for you, for your company, and basically for anything you need.

03. Start the real thing

Create your page and
- Start designing and adding your links
- Customize colors and backgrounds
- Add you branding (not ours)
- Download your QR code and add in your business card
and maaaany more

04. Share your unique link

After sharing your link -basically you can share anywhere-, you will see the magic thru your Dashboard
- Get in-depth analytics of your Clicks.
- Track visitors location, spoken language, Devices ...
- See a separate performance of your links and buttons; which one is getting clicks and which one is not. .

05. Updates ? No need to worry

Keep your link as it is; once you update your content it is automatically updated in your URL.
You also have the option to schedule some links (i.e Special promos, announcements with deadlines ...etc) and set the Start/end date according to your project.

Show the world what you have

Unleash the super power of social media
(instagram alone has over 1 billion active user).
and get the most out of it in the right way.

This is absolutely the cheapest

After using Linktree for almost a year, i got to know about Kuiqlink... simply amazing with a lot of features even if you use it for free.

Tarek Aissat

I`m so grateful i started using it

I started for FREE, they offerred me a PRO account LIFETIME for 2$ ... these guys are amazing.


When you start using it you will know

It is Super powerful than you think, well honestly i left my previous account with lin***** coz of i wanted to use my branding and not theirs .

Regal Dental Clinic

You might be as lucky as i was

Frankly, would you turn your back on a lifetime offer at 2$ ???I Just subscribed, Created my FREE page and they contacted me with a special Promo code to get a lifetime PRO access! You should try as well.


Easy, simple and Powerful

Buying a domain, paying monthly for hosting, maintaining your page ... We will take care of all of that,
you only have to focus on your content, trust us

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